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Event Manager for Unity

What is uSignal?

uSignal is a Event Manger for Unity on steroids which features

functions to register, listen to and trigger events. 


It is designed for easy understanding and handling.

Create Games and more without passing references for everything and start writing maintainable code!

Decouple your Components and let them work without dependencies!

Never lose the overview of your events anymore

Set up your uSignals arranged in categorys with a

WYSIWYG Style using the uSignal Database

and select your uSignal from the Listener Component in your scene.

Also view all of your uListener in a scene so as not to lose track.

Easy to test and debug

Raise any uSignal with and without parameters anytime in playmode and see if your logic is working.

For example: You want to test your Player Health UI is working?

Never run with your player to an enemy to test only the player health ui.

Raise the signal in playmode comfortable and simulate the enemy hit!


Easy to manage

Setup uSignals with Database Editor

Comments of uSignals and uListener

List all Listeners in Scene Editor

Delay your Events

Pass Parameters like bool, string, int and more

Debug any uSignal in Playmode

Light and Dark Theme

Full Documentation

All source code in C#

and more..